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There is nothing more satisfying than feeding the ones you love.

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Recipes for an Easy and Tasty
Back to School

It's that time of year again, back to school - our days get shorter and a lot busier! Here is a collection of recipes that kids and grown-ups will love.  They are perfect for a packed lunch or an after-school snack.  These recipes have been tested and approved by a finicky little boy.

Quick & Easy
Making delicious, filling meals is not out of the question on a busy weeknight.  Instead of hitting the drive through or picking up the take out folder, consider one of these quick and easy to make meals.

Pasta Carbonara
  Pasta Carbonara is really easy to make and it's quick too, perfect for busy nights.

Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet potato chips are crispy, delicious and addicting!

Appetizers and snacks that are easy to make, affordable and more importantly, delicious.  Quick dips that require no cooking, bar food favorites that are baked instead of fried and homemade chips are sure to make your next party special. 

Bring Back Sunday Dinner
Sunday Dinner

No doubt weeknights are hectic with work, school, homework and
endless chores.  Slow things down on Sunday by cooking a wonderful meal.

So creamy and delicious, this Creamy Rice Bake is the perfect casserole to make on a lazy Sunday Afternoon.  It makes enough for leftovers but I wouldn't count on them.

Filling Meals for Lean Times
When funds are low and payday seems like it's an eternity away, take stock of the pantry and make one of these delicious meals.  All made with easy to find and affordable ingredients, these dishes will satisfy a big appetite and a small budget.  Enjoy!

Meatballs Three Ways
Everybody loves a good meatball.  Sure, making meatballs is a little labor intensive, but the smiles at the table will make it well worth your effort.  Here are three meatball recipes, each wonderful in their own way.  Enjoy!

Italian Sausage Meatballs
Cuban Style Meatballs Spaghetti & Turkey Meatballs

Pasta for Dinner

Pasta, in all of its various forms, is my go to dish when I want something easy, filling and comforting.  Pasta is affordable, has a long shelf life, and best of all, my kid will eat it!  Click here for a collection of pasta recipes for all budgets (including time budgets).

Grocery Shopping & Couponing

Grocery Shopping
 practical tips to save money on your food and household supplies bill.

Use coupons to save even more.  Maximize savings by combining coupons and store sales.

Herbs & Spices

Pantry Staples

A well stocked pantry will ensure you will always have ingredients on hand to prepare a home cooked meal.  You will also be ready for impromptu guests.

Cooking Basics

Cooking Essentials

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